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Larger than life campaign to raise awareness.​

Insight. Endometriosis is estimated to affect 1 in 10 women and takes an average of 8 years to diagnose, which is far too long to live in pain.

As part of our internal ‘Make it Matter’ initiative, AMC employees shared their patient and charity stories and turned those stories into a creative campaign. Having selected endometriosis, we set ourselves the task to support current efforts to raise awareness about this condition.

Only through awareness and research will we learn more about what causes endometriosis, how to treat symptoms, the support people need, and hopefully one day find a cure.

Idea. A campaign was formed in collaboration with renowned charity Endometriosis UK. This was created for Endometriosis Action Month to help end the pain, end the wait, and end the silence around endometriosis.

A looping animation was projected onto City Tower in Piccadilly, Manchester to raise awareness about the condition and support the call-to-action.

Pre- and post-event planning included social media coverage and inviting charity representatives to the projection screening, who we interviewed for a social media live stream. They provided details surrounding the disease, raising awareness of the warning signs.

Impact. As a healthcare agency, we recognise that while statistics are important, relating it to human experience is an important way of communicating knowledge. Therefore, we made employees feel valued and recognised by focusing on a personal experience.

Following the campaign, we’re now working with Endometriosis UK as part of the ‘Endometriosis Employer Friendly Scheme’, which educates and aims to see improvements in employee wellbeing, productivity and performance, employee engagement, and morale.

As a result, we’ve had…

2,500+ online engagements
64 link clicks to visit the Endometriosis UK website for further education