We provide
outstanding support

whether your needs
are global, regional
or local.

We work with customers across medical communications, education, publications, and commercial marketing. Our support spans across every phase of a product lifecycle. This means we are experts in writing high-science content, activating the data, and creatively engaging audiences.

We are experts
at successfully
delivering a wide
array of services,


  • Healthcare and medical communications strategy for both internal and external audiences

  • Content for external engagement
  • Innovative live training solutions/workshops
  • Medical meetings and congress coverage
  • Commercial peer-to-peer activities and communications
  • Publications
  • Patient education
  • Digital and creative assets

That’s why we provide our expert support across the development lifecycle

Each phase requires insightful and impactful outcomes to educate, motivate and inspire.

Phase 1

Support, develop, and align foundational medical plans

Phase 2/3

Transform and personalise medical engagement through omnichannel communications


Develop and integrate value‑based communication into medical omnichannel plans

Expansion & maturity

Communicate the growing evidence beyond launch to better serve patients’ needs

We help Medical Affairs embrace
the power of data and analytics.

We bring advanced analytics solutions to solve Medical Affairs’ business challenges and maximize the impact of medical communications.

Market Intelligence

  • Congress intelligence
  • Lexicon analysis
  • Literature analysis and surveillance
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Social media analysis / listening

Harness Insights

  • Unstructured / structured data mining, consolidation and reporting (dashboards)
  • KOL/DOL identification, profiling, and mapping
  • Digital scientific narrative platform

Optimize Engagement

  • Maximize publications reach and drive engagement
  • Improve impact and efficiency of customer engagement with omnichannel platform

Measure Impact

  • Scientific share of voice
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Post-publication effectiveness
  • Medical education outcome
  • Clinical outcomes and behavior change

We understand the importance of
demonstrating value

We deliver expertise in how to overcome value and access challenges across today’s ever-changing healthcare systems

Access strategy

  • Pricing and market access assessments and insights
  • Bespoke payer archetyping
  • Landscape research and analysis
  • Forward-thinking strategy workshops

Value communications

  • Value proposition development, and testing
  • Payer advisory boards, drawn from our global payer network
  • Full-spectrum payer engagement materials
  • Customized KAM engagement and training

HEOR writing

  • High-impact publication planning and delivery
  • Value dossier development (GVD/AMCP/ HTA)
  • Epidemiology analyses
  • Humanistic and economic burden
  • Economic models
  • Indirect treatment comparisons, including NMAs

RWE support

  • Gap analysis and strategic recommendations
  • RWE study design
  • Specialist publication writing
  • Internal and external teaching and training