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We work on breakthroughs that truly change lives – from emerging medicines for diseases where no treatment previously existed, to technologies and diagnostics that will fundamentally reshape healthcare for the future.

Sometimes we find ourselves working in uncharted territory – and that’s where we perform at our best. It’s about new ideas in an ever-changing world.

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Always putting people at the heart.

It’s what we do.

Healthcare communications should confidently reflect the hard work that goes into advancing diagnostics, disease prevention and treatment. Our dedicated team and creative culture ensures a unique and focused perspective – always.

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Diverse perspectives make it matter.

Our passion – or more accurately, obsession – is the combination of science, creativity and innovation. When perfectly aligned, this enables us to partner with world-leading healthcare companies to bring clarity to the complex and create compelling communications that matter.

Together we bring scientific data to life with our diverse skills and talents to create meaningful ideas; perfectly balancing scientific expertise with bold, creative thinking and outstanding project management.

Our success lies in championing new thinking and developments in healthcare. We’re driven by big challenges, bringing our skills and knowledge together, never settling until we have solved all we have been challenged to do.

At Ashfield MedComms, we not only partner with all of the world’s top 20 pharma companies, but also with emerging biotech, device and diagnostics companies, supporting vital advances in healthcare.

What we do.

We’ve been pioneering new ways of thinking and advancing scientific understanding for over 25 years. Our clients trust us to take on challenges, present new and innovative ideas and use our expertise to study the healthcare landscape to deliver impactful and life-changing results that benefit everyone.

We bring insight


Our experts in data, analytics and insights help us get to the heart of what matters, guiding our thinking, shaping programmes and projects that result in pioneering creative delivery.

Powerful publications


Data and evidence matter. Our scientific experts partner with authors to develop data into clear, relevant publications that advance scientific understanding, from preclinical studies through to lifecycle management and everything in between.

Meaningful MedComms


Our priority is ensuring data is seen by the right audience at the right time. For general public to experts and everyone in between, we create thoughtful communications that engage, resonate and adapt to global, regional and local audiences.

Smarter strategy and planning


Our in-house experts from academia, pharma and healthcare bring a fresh perspective. We deliver robust strategic plans alongside implementable, creative tactics that focus on outcomes.

Engaging Meetings


Virtual, live, hybrid, for 1 or 1000+, meetings should inspire and motivate. We create events focused on your objective, whether that’s insight, education or engagement to drive real change.

Science and creativity in balance



Breathing new life into healthcare, our creative leads team up with our scientists to produce meaningful programmes that are accurate, bold, brave and beautiful.

Expert engagement


Working with the right experts to advance knowledge of novel interventions is vital. Our robust techniques help ID, engage and inform experts and networks in the real and digital world.

Empowering your team


Whether it’s impactful training, sharing information they need, engaging them in your journey or making their lives easier – we partner with you to deliver relevant, successful internal programmes.

Patients who make it matter


Understanding and engaging with people directly affected by a disease, using channels and language that resonate, drives our team to ensure improved healthcare discussions. We work towards the same goal – improving lives.

allegro. Our award-winning accelerated learning and development model that develops talented, dynamic scientific staff at Ashfield Health – providing structured career development, from entry-level, through to senior positions across the business.

allegro.WRITE: A proven, award-winning, 12-month accelerated learning and development programme for talented, entry-level Medical Writers.
allegro.EXCEL: An individualised roadmap for Senior Medical Writers to accelerate career development to Scientific Director.

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Delivering data that matters.

Explaining data is core to all we do. Publications are the evidence-base that drive understanding and decision making. Pre-clinical through to Phase IV and Real-World evidence, high-profile parallel publications and presentations, plain language summaries and digital enhancements – we support them all.

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As an executive medical affairs professional of 20 years, I understand the necessity of a well-defined medical affairs strategy as a core ingredient to the success of a device/pharmaceutical company. What separates Ashfield from other healthcare communication companies is the inherent dedication of their teams to “listen” to the needs of their client and provide constant communication and feedback regarding the tactics to ensure scientific success while being acutely aware of the commercial focus.

Chief Medical Officer

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Ashfield Health introduces Gravity.ai:

A healthcare intelligence platform built to make it matter. When every clinical, commercial, or marketing decision impacts a human life, choosing the right healthcare intelligence platform matters. Choosing Gravity.ai from Ashfield Health means you pinpoint the moments that matter most—every time.

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We are part ofsomething bigger.

Ashfield Health is a new network built for today, where a global mindset meets individual depth and specialism. Together with our family of agencies, we create inspiring, life-changing solutions to achieve new realities for our clients. Together, we exist to make it matter.

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